4 Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Won’t Spin

Life without a washing machine can be unbearable and even depressing. It gets worse if you have a washing machine that won’t just spin. It is frustrating, annoying and again, depressing. Fortunately, you have an option to ignore the glitch, go on with your day and hope the machine will come back to its ‘senses’ and spin as it should. But that is burying your head in the sand and hoping for the best while expecting the worst which you are almost sure will come to pass. So if your washing machine wont spin, don’t be quick too quick to call a washer repair technician. Take time to first examine the following areas:


Don’t expect your washing machine to spin if water is not drained well in every wash cycle. Check the drain hose for kinks or signs of water clogging. If it has clogged, clean it. If on the other hand it has kinks, straighten it out.

The belt

A loose or broken drive belt will cause your washing machine to abruptly stop spinning. Use a screwdriver to open up the back panel of the washing machine. Then inspect the condition of the drive belt. Spin the drum to find out if the belt is the problem. If it rotates with minimal resistance as compared to the normal situation when it has to rotate with some amount of resistance, the belt definitely has a problem. You may have to either replace it with a new one or locate the tightening bolt and tighten it with wrenches if the belt is slack.

Rotor/Stator assembly

Stator assembly and the rotor must work together to create a strong electromagnet that can drive the drum to make it agitate or spin. If the rotor or stator assembly is damaged or burnt, the washing machine won’t spin at all. You will have to call a technician to replace the damaged parts.


Sounds too trivial to cause any malfunction but it does. Avoid slamming the lid. It damages the lid switch, causing the spinning to stop.