5 Reasons for Businesses to Work with Recruitment Agencies

When you have job openings at your company, you can be inundated with resumes if you place advertisements for candidates. Unfortunately, it can take several weeks to find qualified candidates for executive-level positions when you post openings. Instead of advertising, you should hire a recruitment agency to find qualified individuals and take advantage of these benefits.

Find Qualified Candidates

Instead of sifting through hundreds of applications and resumes on your own, when you hire a recruitment agency to help your company fill openings, you will receive information on only qualified candidates. Recruiters can search for people with the experience and qualifications your company needs by resourcing them from their files. They also have contacts who can recommend individuals for the type of position that’s available with your company.

Industry Knowledge

There are recruitment agencies with which you can work who specialise in recruiting candidates within your industry. Even if the candidates are not looking for work, a recruiter can contact those who have the qualifications and experience you want your management, sales directors, or other executives to have, and then pitch the job to them. Whether your business specialises in high tech, logistics, accounting, law or other another industry, there are recruiters who are experienced in finding executives in those areas.

Saves Time and Money

When you hire a recruitment agency in Perth, your company doesn’t have to spend money advertising openings. Your company’s Human Resources department won’t need to devote their time to sorting through all the applications and resumes they’ll receive through the mail or the company’s website in order to find qualified candidates. In addition, most recruitment agencies won’t charge your company for the hours they devote to finding candidates for you, but they will be paid a commission when if you hire one of their recommendations.

Resource for Executives

Along with management-level personnel, recruitment agencies can help companies find high level executives to fill positions coming open in the future. If a company knows a CEO, CFO, or another high-level executive is planning to retire or is about to be promoted, they can reach out to an executive recruitment agency to find someone who is qualified to step into the void and go to work right away. They can use their resources to find both active and passive candidates to fill the position at your company.

Focus on Skills

When a company needs candidates who have specific skills, working with a recruitment agency can help them quickly find qualified personnel. Many companies need specific skills, such as high-tech skills like IT administrators or computer programmers, and recruiters can help them find candidates who have them. Most recruiters have databases with resumes of candidates they can call to pitch jobs to find the best person to fill your company’s opening.

Instead of spending time and money advertising job openings, sifting through resumes, and conducting interviews, you should work with a recruitment agency. They can help your business save time and money as they find the right person for any openings that are available.