How to Host a Conference at the Perfect Venue

Hosting a successful conference will involve a lot of hard work and there are lots of things to plan for and organise, from the guest list to booking a suitable venue. The first thing that you will need to do when you host a conference is work out how many people will be attending, as you can’t book a venue until you know how many people it will need to accommodate. Once the guest list has been sorted out, you can begin your search for a good conference venue and there are lots of things to take into consideration.

The Perfect Venue

The perfect venue when hosting a conference will offer a variety of things, from flexibility to affordable rates and you will need to book the venue at least a few months in advance to ensure that the space will be available. Good quality conference venues in Perth or in any other major city anywhere in the world can be found online with a quick search and you will need to take all of the following into consideration:

  • The size of the venue
  • The number of people who can be comfortably seated inside
  • The location of the venue
  • If it offers on-site accommodation, parking and nearby activities
  • How much the venue will cost to hire

You should also look to see if they have good quality audio visual equipment that you can use and also do an on-site visit to check to see what the lighting is like, to look at the decor and just to get a general vibe for the place.

You will need to ensure that your guests are comfortable in order to make sure that they enjoy the overall experience that you offer them, so think about this when you book your venue.

A Successful Conference

When you host a conference, you will not only need to know how many people are attending but you will also need to work out what your main point is that you want to get across.


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is it that you want to achieve with your conference?
  • How do you want to get your points across? (i.e. speaking, with visual aids etc.)
  • What do you want your guests to take away with them?
  • How will you brand the conference? (i.e. with posters, banners, business cards etc.)

Your conference will need to be held somewhere where your guests will be comfortable and if people are traveling from far away, then it is vital to ensure that it offers accommodation. Look at the type of seating plans that the venue offers and make sure that the layout suits your needs, with a theatre-style layout often proving to be the most popular.

You will need to check out things such as on-site parking facilities and how easy the location is to get to, as the more convenient the conference is; the more people will attend.