Supporting Casual Friday at the Office

Supporting your office’s Casual Friday policy sometimes takes a little bit of creativity. Sure, you can don your Hawaiian themed t-shirt and encourage others to do so. Yeah, wear your khaki pants and you’ll feel a little more casual. But how do you really thaw out the atmosphere in the office? How do you break people out of their mold and get them excited about where they work? If you need some help getting your office into a bit of a festive spirit, read on for a couple of tips about how to do so.

One great way to get people excited about what they are doing at work that day is to bring a few different types of games into the office environment. You might consider mini basketball hoops, ping pong, foosball tables, or even a dart board. Rather than keep everyone confined to their desk, get them up and moving around, mingling, socializing, sharing laughs – this is the way to develop a true Casual Friday atmosphere in the office. If you see your employees beginning to have a good time at work, you know you have started to achieve your aims with Casual Friday.

Another way to ensure Casual Fridays are a hit is to order custom made shirts for the team. Get your entire office a variety of colors with help from Groupon Coupons for  Life is Good and you will soon see their moods pick up. Folks love to try on different kinds of clothes, and having Life is Good wear at the casual office will not only bring out those more interested in fashion, but also those who love supporting a good cause. You may find that you’ve inspired employees to get more involved with corporate responsibility.

All too often, Casual Friday becomes a bit of a habitual activity that must be participated in following certain protocols – those Hawaiian t-shirts become a must-wear, that “Jesus-sandal” becomes a dreaded regular appearance on Fridays. Casual Friday doesn’t need to be ruined. Take some time to treat your employees right by giving them the freedom to play, both with each other and their wardrobe, and you’ll find that Casual Fridays definitely become fun Fridays.