The Benefits To Mobile Shredding

At a population of nearly 130,000 people, Barrie has come a long way. What used to be a small community far north of Toronto is now a bustling city in its own right, and as more and more people call Barrie home, it will continue to expand. Now just a short GO train ride away from Union, it becomes vulnerable to the same problems that Toronto experiences today. By its own municipality’s advice, Barrie needs to be future ready. Individuals and businesses now need to be careful about how they dispose of their sensitive information.

We encounter sensitive information every day. Whether it is a customer’s billing information at work or your date of birth being listed on a pill bottle, these small pieces of information can cause real problems in the wrong hands.Most people don’t overthink throwing these pieces of information in the garbage, where even unsophisticated criminals can get what they need.Small and seemingly negligible amounts of personal information, gathered over time, can give a criminal enough to commit identity fraud. Identity theft is a real threat, with the amount in damages experienced by victims rising by over one million dollars between the years 2008 and 2009 alone.

Businesses can increase your risk of identity theft by not properly managing the destruction of sensitive data. If you have been a customer of a retail business, you may have provided your name, date of birth, and full address to join a mailing list. If you have visited a medical provider, you have likely given that and more, such as your Social Insurance Number and OHIP number. If a business fails to protect your data, the fallout can be catastrophic. But they, like you, have the ability to help reverse the growing numbers of identity theft.

One of the fastest ways to lower the risk of fraud, both for an individual and a business, is to ensure that all paper records are disposed of properly. Thoroughly shredding paper documents make any information written on them challenging to piece together. That doesn’t mean you want to spend significant amounts of time standing by a shredding machine, wasting time and energy. Additionally, cleaning up all of the small pieces can also be an unwelcomed task. If you would like the security of properly shredded documents while limiting the hassle establishing a relationship with a mobile shredding company may work for you.

A trusted mobile shredding company like Absolute Destruction can come to your home (or place of business) to take care of all of your shredding needs. Be it a large scale, one-time document purge, or weekly maintenance, they can handle jobs of all sizes. They will make sure the remnants are properly disposed of, recycling all paper waste when possible. This lowers the amount of garbage in landfills, saves the trees in our forests, lowers CO2 emissions from tree removal and processing, and even saves water. By working with the best document shredders in Barrie, you not only protect yourself and your business, you also protect the environment.

With your documents properly disposed of, you’ll never have to worry about how your information can be used against you. Even as Barrie continues to grow and meet new challenges in the future, you or your business will be safely protected against fraud.