Training Your Team Using Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping has had its benefits for decades now but with the proliferation of affordable and easy to use technology, businesses can now make greater use of mystery shopping to reflect on their staff attributes and train them better as a result. Developing your business depends massively on the ability of your staff to improve, mystery shopping is a fantastic aid to help you with this aim.

 See Your Business in an Unbiased Way

 Utilising the data from mystery shopping trips gives business owners a chance to view their operation from an unbiased and outsiders point of view. This can range from the appearance of the exterior and interior of a store, customer service throughout their visit and the range of products and services on offer. It can be hugely beneficial to the on-going development of a business.

Video mystery shopping has come into play and changed things once again with business owners now tasking Mystery Shopping teams with evaluating their staff members on hidden camera. You no longer have to rely solely on interpretation and the written account of a visit to your store. You can eliminate hearsay and see the footage in front of your very eyes, amending your approach to your staff depending on what you witness.

Tailored Staff Training Based on Observations

 Training your staff is a big part of improving productivity and effectiveness within a company. Especially in a retail environment, staff members are at the coalface; interacting with customers, potential customers and providing a face to your brand that will be remembered by visitors to the store. Customers often buy into your staff and the service they receive, rather than just the product they are purchasing. Doing everything you can to improve customer service is a great way to bolster your customer retention rates and implore loyal customers to recommend you to others.


Mystery shopping can be used to highlight evidence of positive professionalism, appearance and good levels of customer service, where staff members have helped customers in the correct manner. As a training aid this is fantastic, especially with video mystery shopping, as you can display accurately how you would like all staff to perform, and indicate ways in which you don’t want them to act.

Work Out Clear Buying Patterns

From start to finish you can see a clear pattern of buying behaviour from customers and how your staff interact with them at each stage. Having the ability to tweak your approach can make a real difference to how you continuously improve each individual staff member to strengthen the company as a whole.

It is highly advised that mystery shopping, in its many forms, is utilised on an on-going, regular basis, within businesses to ensure training courses can be tailored and tweaked to maximise efficiency and improve levels of customer service across the board.