Using Sail Banners To Promote Your Business!

If you own a bricks and mortar business, either on the high street or on an industrial estate, and are yet to use sail banners as an approach to outdoor advertising and marketing, you’re likely missing out on significant levels of footfall. They’re a long-established, tried and tested approach to generating passer by awareness and, above all else, giving you a presence on the road or at the front of your forecourt. As such, we wanted to take a look at just a few great examples where sail banners are used, looking at why they’re so effective and why, when it comes to outdoor advertising, they’re by far the best solution out there.

What Are Sail Banners?

In short, sail banners are a well used approach to outdoor advertising, utilising banners which, quite literally, are in the shape of a sail. When they catch the wind, your branding will be displayed clearly and, when choosing options such as teardrop banners, you’ll find that, even in strong wind and rain, your message remains strong, clear and visible.


Who Uses Them?

Whilst you’ll find a whole host of businesses using sail banners for everything from marking the entrance to an event through to car dealerships lining the boundaries of their forecourt with them, you only have to drive onto an industrial estate to see almost every business using them. We all know how difficult it can be to find the right unit on an industrial estate and unit-front branding can be easy to miss. As such, one effective way to allow consumers and customers to identify a location is by using one of many different types of sail banner.

Whilst some will opt for wall mounted sail banners, it’s far more common to see floor standing ones (using, as an example, water filled bases) right by the road, creating a fantastic brand presence as well as marking your territory.

businesses using sail banners

What Options Are Available?

Of course, as you’d expect, sail banners come in a range of options, however the most commonly used ones include:

Teardrop Banners – From outdoor sporting events, to charity events and showroom display, teardrop banners are a fantastic way to grab the attention of passers by and create a great brand presence, easily and effectively.

Windchasers – These displays are designed to maximise outdoor marketing and promotional opportunities and include an innovative rotating mechanism which keeps the banner taught in the wind. With these, whatever the weather, your message stays strong.


Feather Banners – These banners literally ‘feather out’ in the wind and help to increase the visibility of your branding. They’re especially effective when used in clusters and can help to create a fantastic branded atmosphere at events.

Whilst you probably don’t need reminding, in marketing, it’s important that you go one better than your competitors to ensure you don’t get left behind and, as such, if they’re already building their brand presence both outside their premises and at events with sail banners, you should be too!